Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy (belated) Gay Pride!!

Happy (belated) Pride :D
I've been idle lately, sorry about that. But Its been hectic around here.
This passed weekend was Chicago's Gay Pride Weekend. Also, my fiance's family was in town for the festivities and we were tour guides and did so much walking, which lead to me breaking nails on the train/bus/museum/aquarium/parades/parties. Lol, Ok so I don't exactly know where the breakage happened, but somewhere along the city tour it happened.

So for Gay Pride weekend I did a sort of rainbow gradient.

... And here's how I did my eye make up for the parade :D

I wasn't a super happy camper when I took this picture. We were stuck in people traffic, lol on the corner of Belmont and Halsted and by the time we found clear spot I was drenched in sweat and I figured I should get a picture of the glitter before It fell off. By the end of the parade I was amazed that It was all still there. I love Too Faced Glitter Glue, LOVE IT!! It was my first time wearing loose glitter but it worked out great :D

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pink and Black Microbeads :D

Happy Sunday :)

I have more microbeads to show you guys. I mixed a nice hot pink and black and it looked awesome!!!

By the time I took the pictures I had washed my hands several times and some of the beads had already fallen off :( So I snapped a quick picture before any more bad things happened. Lol.

Also, a friend of mine gave me an awesome birthday gift. She got me the black Ciate caviar set :D I cannot wait to try it. 

But that's it for now. Oh, and sorry for such a crappy picture with horrible lighting.

Until next time,

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Frech tip Micro-beads

Good Morning :)

Balls, balls, and more balls. Lol. I made a mess with all these tiny little microbeads. Ok, picture time, I'll explain why I made a mess.

 I started out with a french tip. Which if I do say so myself looks very pretty.:) I usually don't do such a neat job with freehand french tips.

I started out with nail glue, and I believe I should have used a top coat instead. It burned a little, and it flooded the cuticle with glue, which flooded with beads that I had to painfully scrape off :( Plus the beads clumped together on top of each other which I also had to scrape off.

Here's another view. I'll try the microbeads again. I have about 20 different colors, and i'm really excited to try the black. I've been loving he caviar nails i've seen. 

Polish Used: 
Finger Paints Paper Mache (White)
Finger Paints Don't Make a Scene (Nude)
Beads in gold and white

That's it for now, 
Until next time :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

True Blood inspired mani

I wAnnA dO bAd THinGs wiTh yOu! 

So who's excited for Sundays premier of True Blood?! I am!
For this mani I kind of did a Monkey See Monkey Do! I cannot remember where I got it from, but I remembered that I commented on her blog to tell her that I loved it and I might use it for the summer premier. I do believe. LMAO! I wish she would have used a watermark.

Thanks to always inspring Missy at Gnarly Gnails I now know where I got the idea.
The inspiration came from The Gorgeois. I love her stuff, she is amazing.

I'll post my picture first then hers :)

 When I first seen this sort of mani I right away thought of Pam from True Blood, She's sort of my girl crush :P but its mostly about her bad-ass kick-ass take charge yet elegant classy lady attitude. Plus she's got the prettiest lips in town. :D Ok enough of that.
The right hand has a different design on it, but I'm still working on it. I'm trying to refresh for Monday's interview and I'm torn between studying and trying to finish my mani. Hopefully I can finish it tonight.

I used: 
Finger Paints - Don't make a scene (Beige)
Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle - 340 Divine Wine (Red Base)
China Glaze Ruby Pumps (Red Glitter)
Finger Paints - Black Expressionism 
Finger Paints - Paper Mache (Fangs)

Oh, sorry for the blurry pictures. I tried doing this fast outside while watering my plants. Multi-tasking on everything now-a-days. Lol.

So I'll be back later with some new True Blood inspired nails :D

Friday, June 8, 2012

Kleancolor color wheels

I love Sally Beauty Supply. They sent me my birthday coupon for $10 off a $20 purchase and on top I got my 15% off coupon for spending $25 last month. It gets better, you can stack both of those coupons, I love me some couponing lol. I bought a gallon of acetone and a pack of color wheels and paid $12! Yay!! I love awesome deals. Right on time too, because I had ran out of acetone. I'm set, at least for a good while.

Ok, so I swatched the colors from Sunday's Kleancolor haul.

 The glitters :D and this time I remembered the star polish and forgot the Silver Lining polish, Hahaha, I am so backwards.

So the Silver Star polish is awesome, a lot of stars came out. No complaints!
Green With Envy is also a good one, its tinted and a bit on the jellish side, very beautiful.
Peaceful Heart could be heartier. I think it needs more glitter and hearts :(
Red-hot is another lovely jelly-like polish. Great chunky glitters and nice red tint.

The only complaint I have with these is that they take quite a bit of time to dry. Other than that I love them!
The holo's aren't so holo-ey. :( They are beautiful glitters in nice soft pastel colors. The Pink Holo is the brightest and only really takes one coat to look the way it looks pictured above. All in all great polish, and not too thick so this these will be great for layering.

Okay, that's it for now. I'm going to work on my nails.. I want to try a True Blood theme for this weekends season premier. I have to take them off before Monday and do a simple clean french mani. I have a job interview and its in the medical field so, frenchie it is. But as far as this weekends goes,  I can play and be as bright and colorful as I want.

Until next time,

Monday, June 4, 2012

KleanColor Haul :D

Hii again :D
I found my holo's!! I don't know how good they'll be but I'm super excited!! I also got a lot of other goodies.

Here's what I bought

Left to Right:(Above)
135 Holo Blue, 136 Holo Green, 138 Holo Orange, 134 Holo Pink

 Left to Right: (Above)
189 Red-Hot, 131 Silver Lining, 32 Peaceful Heart, 190 Green with Envy

Left to Right: (Above)
167 Metallic Purple, 165 Metallic Sapphire

01 Tuxedo Black

I forgot to take a picture of one :( 31 Silver Star Its exactly what it sounds like its silver stars with sliver glitters. 

Also I bought some rhinestones and decals :D

The best deal all day micro-beads!! I paid $1.50 for them!! I paid $2 for the rhinestones.

Yay!! 3D stickers!! Lace, flowers and totally beautiful!

Many different glitters, stars and micro-beads :) I took these out of their packages to take pictures. 

I can't wait to try them all. Stay tuned and I'll swatch them :D

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My first gradient :D

Hi again :)

I finally took on the gradient :D I had done a glitter gradient before but not with a sponge :D It was really really fun and I cannot wait to try it again :D

*Note: Please ignore the middle finger nail, I broke it and it is a slow grower :( *

I love the colors!!! It reminds me of a mermaid, or I dunno but this picture does not do this mani justice, I am so upset that you guys wont be able to see how kickass these colors really are!!

I used: 
Sally Hansen HD Nail Color 05 Lite (Yellow)
Funky Fingers Pixy Dust (Green)
Funky Fingers Mirror, Mirror (Blue)
Sally Hansen HD Nail Color 01 Cyber (Purple)
Orly Polishield Topcoat

Ok, thats all I have to report about today.
Its late and Its bed time, Tomorrow I hope to go to a flea market to look for nail polishes. I'm really looking for some holo's :D Wish me luck!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

June Julep Maven Box

June's Julep Maven Box :D

It came in the mail yesterday!! It brightened up an ugly Chicago windy cold wet day!
So when I opened it I was pleased. It had more than I had anticipated.

Julep Lauren (Pink)
Julep Claire (Blue)
Julep SPF 30 Daylight defense hand and face creme & 

Julep SPF 15 Daylight defense lip balm
2 Pixy Stix lol
and a coupon for a free Julep polish :D

Have you ordered yours?

Also, I know that I was gone for a bit. It was hectic the past few weeks, Birthdays and Road Trips!! 
and When I got back the weather was so beautiful I wouldn't come indoors to save my life!! I love being outside, and gardening and BBQing and just soaking up the sun. While doing all this traveling and gardening and partying I broke 3 nails :( So that's one of the main reasons I didn't post anything. Its bad enough my middle finger nail grows slower than a turtle crosses the road, but both had to break the very same day! And to top it off my pinky finger nail on my right hand broke right after. Bad luck for sure!!!

Today I was in the garden almost all day again, picking weeds, watering, planting and starting new seeds, and I got my nails really really dirty. So I plan on scrubbing them again for about the 5th time to get them pretty for a Julep mani :) 

I'll be back!!