Sunday, October 14, 2012

OMG! I'm Back!!!

Hey Ladies :) I'm back!! Yay!!! I know i've been gone way to long, and I'm really sorry. I have been working so hard on my haunt for this year. I have spent so much time and money on this project that I cannot just let it fail. I want to hear kids scream their little heads off this year :D Lol and adults too!

Ok, well here's what I got for your guys today.

 I did these like a week ago, or so.

I used:
Julep Boris and Nicole
Finger Paints Black Expressionism 

Here's another one.

I think this one is way cute!!

I gotta get back into my nails. But working outside I was bound to break some nails. Which I did, I have banged up, stubbed, broken, chipped and completely messed up my nails. Especially the right hand.  AHH!! Halloween sure is scary!! Lol.

Ok, I promise to come back soon. The closer we get to Halloween the more frantic I get, I have been working on one particular project for over a month. Its a grave busing coffin with way too many paper mache "wood" boards, and a skeleton that refuses to not break at the spine.

 This is the guy giving me hell.... I'm having spine issues, mostly because I used cans and I should have probably used something better. His top half is heavy and I didn't take that into account when I made his spine. Lol.
 My witch, I love her!! She's holding up the best :) I added a cauldron. Which on Halloween will be lit up.
 Some of our tombstones, I think total we made 10 foam tombstones :) My fiance made the little ones, I think his look the realest :) the most real? I dunno lol.
My friend made these. He's the best, he's been helping me throughout this whole project :)
My cute little burlap guy, stands over 2 ft tall :)
The zombie, the witch and the ghost :)) And the spiders (Eric and Pam)

Another view :) My little Burlap guy is hanging out with the tombstones. He was brought back in, because it rained and he's not waterproofed. Just burlap and fluff.

Ok, Thats all for now, now you've seen whats kept me away. And there's still more that I haven't showed you guys. I've been working since the end of August and I'm still not done. I cannot wait for Halloween!! I need a break :)

Until Next Time,

Oh, Also I don't have my computer so all my original logos were lost, so if you notice some differences its because of that.