Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Glitter

Hello hello!

So there's like 18 days until Christmas!! Who's excited?? MEE!!!!

I'm no where near done with my Christmas shopping, but I have an idea of what i'm getting everyone so that's a good thing. I've been thinking what kind of Christmas nails do I want before Christmas and what design do I want on Christmas Eve/Day :)

No idea!! Lol! But as far as today, I have a simple glitter mani :D In Christmas colors of course!
 I love the nude under the red and green glitters :D Its only one coat of each glitter, I didn't want to cram pack glitter and then get lumpy nails that chip super quick.

 The Green is a polish and the red is glitter I bought at a craft store, It seems I cannot find the perfect red glitter polish anywhere. Every red glitter polish I buy has either silver pieces in it, or not chunky enough for my liking or has a red tint to it (the clear) or the glitters are too itty bitty :(

Also, I dont know what was so bubbly, It was either the green glitter polish had a lot of bubbles or my topcoat.. I took a look at both of them and they look non-bubbly but who knows whats going on. So I'll keep it short tonight, But I hope to be inspired again tomorrow or Friday. I assume Friday, tomorrow is my busy day plus I was invited to a hair/fashion show tomorrow by my cousin :) She goes to Tricoci beauty school and they're having a Winter Show :) So I won't get home until a little late and since I'm starting my day super early tomorrow taking my other cousin to his appointment I'll be super tired and not nail inspired at all.

And now that I look at the pictures I don't think these nails have been done justice. This glitter is super shiny and glittery, Ahhhh! I hate when that happens!!! 

Oh and before I forget...
What I used:
Finger Paints Dont Make a Scene
Vernis Classique by Cherimoya Diamond Salad
And Loose red glitter 

Ok, until next time
Bye my loves,

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Its December!! YAY!! I'm late.. lol.

Hey ladies :D

Not sure If I mentioned this last time, but I got a job :D In retail. Kind of rough on the nails :(
Didn't think it was possible but it is. So on the first of December I hurried and painted my nails before work. Which we all know is not a good idea. Rushing and nail polish do not go together. What came out of it was ugly sloppy candy cane stripes mess, and I was pretty ashamed of them :( And surprisingly enough people still complimented them lol. Doubly embarrassing!!! LMAO!

So at the end of this post if I have the guts i'll post the picture I took (I took it to remind myself not to rush next time)

So anyway for today I thought I might give the snowflake mani a go :) Since it hasn't snowed here yet, which sucks :( Its actually kind of been unseasonably warm. So me and my fingers are gonna do the snow dance and hope for snow :D

Here's my stamped hand (Right Hand) I used Bundle Monster plate BM14 
Not very impressive, since its a stamp mani lol. I can never get them to look good. I can't
make multiple stamps look right or fit, some people get 3-4 stamps on one nail, and their nails
don't look very much longer than mine. What the F? I don't get it.

Here are my freehand snowflakes. Now these guys are kind of ugly and clumsy looking but I love them!! Oh, and look away from the thumb, I had a topcoat mishap, I smeared the white polish because I kinda brushed on the topcoat a little too hard (wanting to be done and take pics)

Another View, I usually never post multiple shots of my mani's but what the heck, I love Christmas and I love my Ombre Snowflake mani :D

What I used:
(Darkest to Lightest)
Nicole OPI Nic's Sticks Indigo-Go-Go!
Sation Board Girl Blue
KleanColor Neon Aqua
Julep Claire 
China Glaze For Audrey
China Glaze White on White

Also, I've been working on something :) I found this really awesome store while wandering around town a few weeks ago. Its a beauty shop it says, but its mostly nail polish and nail related things. Walls and walls of polish!! I was so happy when I stumbled upon it. So I bought some glitter, mostly purple and black (my two favorite colors) And I've been experimenting with them. Also some empty polish bottles. Can you guys guess what i'm doing?? Lol! Yup, mixing and testing and letting them sit. I'm not trying to go pro at it, just mixing glitters for fun. I was reading on how some of the indie polish ladies make their polish and all the "curing" and it sounds fun but expensive and very time consuming. So I'll leave the wonderful art of mixing glitters to them, I'll just mess around for fun :) Its something I would like to learn but I have no time right now :(

But like I was saying, I want to mix a few glitters for a friend of mine, kind of like a Christmas gift :) Since purple and black are her favorite colors too :)

I took some pictures of my shenanigans. But not a pic of the mess I made with the glitter lol.

I think the polish looks nice, but the color of the black glitter bled a little and made the clear coat a bit dark. I have to check it again and see if it made it any darker. Its been sitting in a drawer for 2 weeks, I mix it up a bit every few days. It looks the same but we'll see. 

So this polish consists of chunky hex shaped purple glitter and then smaller hex purple glitter mixed with small hex shaped black glitter. You can kind of see it on the nail wheel along with some other things I was working on. I only took one pictures of the glitter on my nails, and it was horribly out of focus, and I'm not sure why I took only one but I did, I must have gotten distracted and started doing something else.

Sorry for the blurryness, but this is after one coat of the glitter mixture. After this I added more black glitter, which I found to be really hard to mix in after everything was already in there. Alas It mixed well enough, and I did end up using the new mixture on my other hand, it was slightly darker but very beautiful. I'll test this tomorrow on the nail wheel and let you guys see how its worked out.

Ok, I might as well suck it up and post my hideous candy cane stripe mani.

LOLOL!! Enough said about this!!

Alright, that is all for now, its been a pretty long post, but it was really overdue.
I'm sorry for being a horrible blogger, but life has been a bit busy with work, and other things. I hope to be back sooner than later with more updates.

Until Next Time,