Whimsical Idea's by Pam

 I absolutely have to get I <3 NY, Sweet Baby James!!! Actually this whole collection is amazing

Ninja Polish Sticks n' Stones

China Glaze - COLOURS FROM THE CAPITOL Collection

As of right now I am in love with the Hunger Games. Anything related I want. I guess the problem is, I'm not in this alone. I think I'm dealing with a lot of girls that also want China Glaze's Collection of the Hunger Games polish. I went to Sally's and Ulta. A few of them. and NOTHING! I mean, yeah they have the colors no one wants, the ones that are similar to many of their other colors. UGH!!

I really want Harvest Moon, Agro, Riveting and Most of all (which is the hardest to find) Electrify. I really wanted to show some District 12 pride, but Smoke and Ashes is just, kind of blah :(

Ghina Glaze - OMG Collection 
 OMG! I really want these. They are all (but what i've seen) Holo's. I might do some amazon shopping. Maybe I'll find them. I heard they were kind of hard to find :(

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