Monday, July 30, 2012

Teal Tuesdays - 50 Shades of Teal

Teal Tuesday once again :D
I didn't have the colors to participate in the groups Triplet Teal Tuesday theme: ( So I came up with my own theme lol. So I've been reading 50 Shade of Gray (Its so good, and crazy) and I thought I would use a lot of my teal colored polishes and see what I could do with them. So I didn't end up using 50 different shades, I used 8.

Teal polka dots :) and teal glitter!!

I started out by using Essie Fill the Gap then I used a Coat of Sinful Colors Nail Junkie added Art Deco Teal Glitter then another coat of Sinful Colors Nail Junkie and to top it off I added a bit of Sinful Colors Call You Later just to add a bit of green glitter to it. For the polka dots I used: Julep Claire, Funky Fingers Volts, Mood Struck Teal to Turquise (Its a greener teal but it changes color *Also Its really spelled like that*) China Glaze For Audrey, and Sula Paint and Peel Royal.

I added the colored dots just so you guys can see.

Ok, Well until next time :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another fishtail braid mani :)

I am so in love with the fishtail braid mani. They are so easy to do and so cute!! The hardest thing about them is picking the colors :P

Next time I want to use a smaller/thinner brush :) I cannot wait.

I used:
China Glaze For Audry (Blue)
Sinful Colors Hazard (Pink/Coral)
Cacique Prism Violet 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teal Scales Crackle

Hey :)

So I decided to pick out some colors I rarely use. I love the color of this polish but am not a fan of the crackle look on me. Lol, I enjoy looking at it on other people, but once I do it to myself I want to get rid of it quick. Also, I always enjoy looking at Gnarly Gnails teal Tuesdays nails :) So I decided today will be a teal day for me too :D

I love teal, and I need more teal in my life.

Alright, this crackle looks kind of ok. Lol.

I used:
Funky Fingers Teal Scales 
Mood Struck Teal to Turquoise
Essie Shine-E 
Art Club Silver Bullion (the sprinkles)

Also, today I bought my first cuticle oil :D I had just been using Jojoba Oil from the Vitamin Shoppe but decided it was time to get the real deal. I bought this cute little bottle from Sally Beauty its called California Mango and it has a tiny little leaf in it and it smells great :) I hope it does good.

Alrighty, that's all I have for tonight.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tutorial Time!! Gradients.

Good Morning :)

I had a friend ask me to do a tutorial for her, and here it is. This is how I do my gradients, although there is another method I'm going to try soon :)

Its simple enough I guess, all self explanatory  :) But I'll do a rundown.
Step 1: Choose a solid color (Could be the lightest color you're using for your gradient) I chose Silver.
Step 2: Get a makeup wedge, and saturate it with polish
Step 3: Stamp it on your fingers (this is messy) STAMP IN AN UP AND DOWN MOTION
Step 4: Repeat until you get your desired opacity (I recommend drying each layer before you apply a new one)
Step 5: Add you topcoat
Step 6: Clean up. You can use Q-Tips, I like using an angled brush. Dip in acetone and wipe access polish off,
Step 7: Enjoy your gradient nails. (I personally will be stamping them after this)

Alrighty, that's it for now :)
Have an awesome Sunday!!!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Whats Black and White and Read all Over?

Hello all :)

So I was inspired in 2 different ways for this mani.
First I watched The Raven plus my friend posted a newspaper print mani on her facebook page and I got an idea.
So for those who watched The Raven you know its the story of Edgar Allen Poe and his stories. So in the movie he published some horror stories and there was some sort of copy cat reenacting them. So first of all Poe is amazing and I wanted to kind of capture the look of the movie, I'm not sure how well I did... But here they are.

 Its also the first time I tried out the newspaper thing I took the travel section and found a cute article, which in the end it didn't matter because you can't make anything out, lol. Its the thought that counts I guess.

What do you guys think?? Too eclectic??  I like the pinky, is super crazy, I did this the other day to an old chipped mani to see how it looks, I like it better on the other mani. Maybe I'll show it??

Yeah, they're chipped so no judging. Oh, and see the ring and pinky finger? Those nails grow so insanely fast, I file them down so often and hope that the others catch up but nope, I always end up with mismatched nails :(

I did the gradients last week and I don't think I got a pic of them before these stripes. Alright, well that's it for now, If I can stop coughing I'll go to bed. :) See you soon.

August Maven Box: Metallics & Chromes

I'm Classic With a Twist and I usually stick with it, but I'm really feeling American Beauty. Hmm... I might just stick with my own this month.

Who else is really excited about the Acetone free conditioning polish remover?

I'm going to post my referral link just in case you want to try Julep Maven and they have their penny offer going on still. So that's always awesome.

My link: Click here and sign up
If you take the quick quiz and find that you like what they're offering try the first month for a penny with this code: COLOR2012

Also, I'm sorry for my absence, I'm still fighting this flu but at least I'm awake more than 4 hours at a time, lol. I did my nails today :D and I'm really excited to show you guys. I took some horrible pictures on my almost dead/broken phone. I'm not sure how they turned out. I haven't been using my light box either because I tore the paper by mistake and I want to get a black background in it. In other words, I need to fix the thing. I promise some mani's soon, with good lighting :D

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm not dead, just sick.

I'm sorry I've been gone for a while.
So much has happened, first a funeral :( My Fiance's grandfather passed away,
and while in West Virginia I got really sick.

Been sick for several days, 2 of those days I have no idea what was gong on, I slept and slept and slept. I'm feeling better but I'm still not all here.

I promise once I get better I'll get back on here. I also wanted to update the look of he blog, personalize it a bit more.

Ugh, I hate being sick in the summer. 100 degree's and I'm indoors. I have also abandoned my garden :( I need to get better quick.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Microbeads.

Happy 4th of July!!!

Ok, I had to get these in here before I went to grill outside. We like to grill at night!! Under the lights and the fireworks!!

This by far might be the worst picture! Lol. I love the beads, especially the pinky. Hopefully if the beads don't fall off, I might snap a few more pics.

For now I got to go. My guests are arriving.

Happy 4th, be safe!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Patriotic Nails

Hey again,

Wow, 2 posts in one day!! Yay!! Lol, Ok, So since its Monday and usually those are reserved for MSMD type things, I thought I wanted to give it a go the American Flag (Since everyone's doing it) :D I'm usually not the flag type because I mess them up horribly, this mani being no exception :P

I thought I would try it because I actually had some star shaped glitter things, and I had a silver glitter polish and mostly because I was really excited to try out my Julep America polish.

I might try just the Julep later on, its actually a very lovely glitter. A bit chunky but I might try to thin it out and see if that helps. Other than that, I love it. 

What I used:
Finger Paints Paper Mache (White)
Klean Color 165 Metallic Sapphire (blue)
Essie (I dont know the name, the sticker fell off. But its a beautiful jelly red)
Julep America
Kleancolor 31 Silver Star 
Red nail art tape & Loose Star shape glitters

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Purple and Black Gradient w/Glitter

Hey Guys :)

I have another gradient mani to show you guys, Its my two favorite colors. Black and purple yay!!
Also, I'm very discouraged :( I went back to my old phone, traded my Galaxy sII because when I got it I didn't know the SIII was coming out. So back to the store it went. So i'm stuck with my old HTC which takes crappy pictures, so I've put off taking pictures lol. But I gotta get over it and take some pics, so I'll have hideous pics for a while.

Also, my middle finger nail has had a rough time lately, its usually the slowest to grow but, now the nail has been breaking non-stop :( Anyone know anything that makes them grow? I've been taking pre-natals for a while and from time to time I take Biotin and I always take some other vitamins just for good health, but nothing is working. Ok, Pic time.

I love this glitter!! Love the little hex shapes in different sizes!

What I used for this Mani: 
Finger Paints Black expressionism (Black)
Kleancolor 167 Metallic Purple
Max Cherimoya 12 Purple Gala (I thought this was a Kleancolor but it's not, fooled me lol)

I added new buttons :D I joined Pinterest  so now I can keep track of all the beautiful nails and things I like in life. Note: I made the buttons, and they're not 100% great but I like them. (For now) I'll be working on them a little more.