Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quick Update

Hey Guys :) I'm so super sorry I've been away! I have been so busy working on my projects. I feel like I'm in the Nightmare Before Christmas, lol. I've been counting down the days until Halloween

Yup!!! Who's excited??

But I really want to decorate on the 1st of October!! So that means I have to have a lot of my props done. At least the ones that are going on the front lawn. I have missed so many days in the 31 Day Challenge :( I'm hoping to make all those mani's up some time soon!!

That's all for now,


Monday, September 10, 2012

The 31 Day Challenge Day 10 Gradient Nails and Halloween Prop Update

Hey guys,
I missed it again!!!! Lol, I was putting my logo on the pic and all of a sudden it was 11:58 and I hurried and the collection closed :(

Ok enough feeling sorry for myself. I got today's challenge done before midnight, just not the picture done on time. GRR!!

Let's get down to business.

Now If I misspelled something please don't be mad. I've been inhaling fumes all day. I've been painting my Halloween Props with crazy paints and I was hurring trying to put the logo in there and I typed everything as fast I can go!!

Also I'm kind of embarrassed for that fact that only one of my hands is polished :(
I has to scrub like a mad woman to get the paint off my picture hand. And because I use my right hand It had way more paint on it, some of which I cannot get out from under my fingernails or my cuticles..Also its on one nail pretty bad...

OOh! And I chipped 2 nails both thumbs. I guess you guys can expect really short nails for the next two months... Because I can see it happening more and more as it get's closer to Halloween.I'm doing most of the prop making with the help of friends here and there.. My fiance just watches me, He has no creative bone in his body he says, although, I think he's lying. He just doesn't want to help me when I get in a crafty moods... So I use him as my muscle!! LOL!!

Here's some of the stuff I've done...

 Before                                                                             After                            

 My crazy happy pumpkin, she's cute, but deadly scary!! (well she will be)

The Witch!!
Here she is again!!

Alright, until next time!! 

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The 31 Day Challenge Day 9. Rainbow Nails

Hey hey!!
I did the rainbow nails!! Yay! I thought since I was painting my props I wouldn't get a chance to do my nails, but I got them done, and before midnight! But I took the pics a little late and they closed the collection :( I suck! Lol. Here's what I got for you guys!

Lava lamps!! Lol. I love looking at those things!!

What I used:
Funky Fingers Riot (Purple)
Funky Fingers Volts (Blue)
China Glaze Tree Hugger (Green)
Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
Sally Hansen Sun Kissed
Essie RED (don't know the name)

Alrighty, See you guys tomorrow with gradient nails :)

The 31 Day Challenge Days 5-8 catch up!!

Hey :)

Omg, I'm so sorry I've been MIA :o
I really got into my projects and time just flew by!! I have been elbow deep in papier mache, messy stuff I tell ya'! I've mentioned before how I want to have a haunted yard for Halloween, and how I want to make all my props. So far I have a tombstone, a witches head a 2 pumpkins and a skull. Ok enough about my other time consuming hobby, lets get down to business.

I kind of cheated on day 5 + 6 but only because I thought I would catch up lol.

Day 5 + 6 Blue + Violet Nails

Yup, I kind of mixed both days together. Sorry :( I'm ashamed :((

Day 7 Black + White Nails
I like how those came out. Sucks that I acetoned them away. I gotta try those again, and this time not in a hurry :)

Day 8 Metallic Nails
Oooh La La!! Me like, a lot!!! I know I should have already had my rainbow nails on but I don't want to ruin these too. Not 2 in one night that I like and took away! But tomorrow is a another day and another day to catch up.

What I used:
Day 5+6:
Cacique Prism Violet 
Orly Spazmatic

Day 7:
Finger Paints Paper Mache
Finger Paints Black Expressionism
Rainbow Polish Static TV

Day 8:
Finger Paints Black Expressionism
Orly Tiara
Nail Art Silver Bullions 

Also, I'm trying to catch up with comments :) I'll get to you guys :) Thanks again for all the wonderful comments :D

Oh oh ohhh!! Happy 50th post :) Yay!!

Until Next Time (And hopefully tomorrow with my rainbows)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The 31 Day Challenge Day 4 Green Nails

Hey ladies!!!
I'm not sure if i've mentioned this.. But I love glitter!! and I love green!! So when It came to todays challenge, . I found it a bit tough. A lot of my polishes are green, or greenish so I had no idea what I wanted to use or what to do with it. I originally wanted to do a glow in the dark mani, but I don't have glow in the dark polish but had glow int he dark paint, so I tried it and it didn't work out like I planned, so then I wanted to do a money mani, then I decided it would take too long, so I took out one of my chunky green glitters, I thought I would go for simple tonight because I really want to continue with my Halloween project and continue the witches face. So because I always forget that these glitters take forever to dry, I layered it on thick!! I've been waiting an hour and a half for it to fully dry!!!! Its still jelly feeling. But whatever, I took the pic and its done!!!

Yea, this picture does not do that glitter any justice. It is waaaay more intense IRL! And the base coat looks yellow here, AAHHHHH!!!! I'm going to strangle this phone!! Lol. Nothing about this is good!

I plan on doing my Teal Tuesday challenge later on today. Its kind of good that I'm not 100% In love with this mani, It'll be easier to take the cotton pad with acetone to it!!

I used:
Funky Fingers Pixy Dust
Kleancolors Green with Envy

OHHHH!! I almost forgot to mention, I have had my page viewed 1008 times!
Also 10 followers! Yay again!!! Yeah, Its a milestone I'm proud of, I appreciate every single one of my page-viewers!! You guys are awesome!! Thank you!

Alright, That's it for now!!
I'll be back later with my Teal Tuesday Ovarian Cancer Mani :D

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The 31 Day Challenge Day 3 Yellow Nails

Yellow!! Lol, Instead of Hello!! :P I'm just being goofy!

Ok, Day 3!
So i'm not a big fan of my yellow polishes so I figured I'd go with the word instead :D
Ok, again keeping it short tonight, I gotta paper mache my witch's head XD

Polishes I used:
Julep Lynn (nude/pink)
Sally Hansen Hard Nails Extreme Wear Mellow Yellow
Sally Hansen HD Lite
Pixi Metallic Mermaid
Orly Won't Chip

Dotting tool + Striping brush

Well see you guys tomorrow with green nails :D

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Day 2 of The 31 Day Challenge

Day 2 :D
Ok, so let the orange-y-ness commence!! If you've seen a lot of orange around its because of the 31 day challenge!! I was really lazy and didn't want to do it, but I saw all the orange and remembered my orange holo I hadn't tried out yet.

It doesn't look so holo-y :( But when its a dollar polish, I guess you can't expect it to be, lol.

What I used:
Kleancolor Metallic Orange
Kleancolor Holo Orange

I'm keeping it short tonight, I have some pumpkin paper mache-ing to do.

Ok, see you guys tomorrow!!
Don't forget, yellow tomorrow!!

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The 31 Day Challenge + Life.

Hey Guys :)
So I got a few things to talk about today. First I'd like to say that I'm joining Sarah from Chalkboard Nails in and some other nail bloggers in a 31 day. Its perfect timing too, because for the next few months i'm going to be super busy. Why you ask? Because Halloween is coming up and I plan on spooking up my yard, and I don't mean go with store bought things, I mean going all out and making my own props. This week alone I've worked on several things, that include 3 pumpkins and a nice sized tombstone. They are all papier mached, and plastered. I have to go buy latex paint and other paints that will seal everything in.

Here's my first pumkin.

Also, this is the reason why I missed Teal Tuesday :( I was out buying tons of glue and plaster, not to mention dumpster diving for cardboard and other recyclables.

Ok, So here's The 31 Day Challenge.

So for the first 7 days everything is pretty simple then It gets a bit tougher and then BAM!! Tons of thinking, lol!! But the hardest thing for me maybe will be posting every day. Lets see how

Here's Day 1.

What I used:
Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby
China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Also I tried a new product (well, new to me)
I used Orly Spritz Dry, and I'm not too happy with it. It didn't help dry anything. :( My friend, in cosmetology school, told me she uses an O.P.I dry spray and that It works amazingly well, and I thought they all gotta be the same, I guess not. Any thoughts??

Alright, That's all for now.
Until Next Time.