Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Glitter

Hello hello!

So there's like 18 days until Christmas!! Who's excited?? MEE!!!!

I'm no where near done with my Christmas shopping, but I have an idea of what i'm getting everyone so that's a good thing. I've been thinking what kind of Christmas nails do I want before Christmas and what design do I want on Christmas Eve/Day :)

No idea!! Lol! But as far as today, I have a simple glitter mani :D In Christmas colors of course!
 I love the nude under the red and green glitters :D Its only one coat of each glitter, I didn't want to cram pack glitter and then get lumpy nails that chip super quick.

 The Green is a polish and the red is glitter I bought at a craft store, It seems I cannot find the perfect red glitter polish anywhere. Every red glitter polish I buy has either silver pieces in it, or not chunky enough for my liking or has a red tint to it (the clear) or the glitters are too itty bitty :(

Also, I dont know what was so bubbly, It was either the green glitter polish had a lot of bubbles or my topcoat.. I took a look at both of them and they look non-bubbly but who knows whats going on. So I'll keep it short tonight, But I hope to be inspired again tomorrow or Friday. I assume Friday, tomorrow is my busy day plus I was invited to a hair/fashion show tomorrow by my cousin :) She goes to Tricoci beauty school and they're having a Winter Show :) So I won't get home until a little late and since I'm starting my day super early tomorrow taking my other cousin to his appointment I'll be super tired and not nail inspired at all.

And now that I look at the pictures I don't think these nails have been done justice. This glitter is super shiny and glittery, Ahhhh! I hate when that happens!!! 

Oh and before I forget...
What I used:
Finger Paints Dont Make a Scene
Vernis Classique by Cherimoya Diamond Salad
And Loose red glitter 

Ok, until next time
Bye my loves,

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